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House Cleaning
Hiring a house cleaner in Las Vegas, NV to take care of your humble home could be a major change for the entire family. Everyone might be used to dividing up the chores and hoping to complete them sometime on the weekend. When you consider professional house cleaning, it’s important to know exactly what you’re paying for. In the end, each home is unique and must be quoted by professionals who understand the business. Residents can then benefit from frequent cleaning appointments.

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Dusting Galore

Most Las Vegas residents would be amazed at all the areas within their homes that require dusting. Superior house cleaners will dust nearly every flat surface in the home. Picture frames, mantels, windowsills and countless other areas are prime candidates for dust buildup. House cleaners use specialized dusters that actually attract the dust instead of spreading it around. Typically, a home should only require dusting twice a month with professionals covering every applicable area.

Bathroom Time

Las Vegas house cleaners usually base their charges on the amount of bathrooms and overall square footage inside the home. Bathrooms should take considerable time to clean when professionals are truly wiping down every surface. All tubs, shower surfaces and fixtures must be cleaned and polished to a brilliant shine, for example. Any mildew or films must be wiped clean with bleach and other chemicals. The toilets receive special care too. In fact, even the towel holders should be wiped down for an overall clean feeling in the bathroom.

Basic Kitchen Care

The kitchen is another area where house cleaners spend most of their time. A basic kitchen cleaning call should include a wipe down of all counters and small appliances. Cleaners might polish wood cabinets and clean the major appliances, such as the oven and microwave. The sink should be a major focus too because this area receives some of the most use within the kitchen. Fixtures, drains and strainers must be cleaned to complete a basic kitchen service.

Deluxe Kitchen Cleaning

A premium kitchen cleaning service includes some of the finer details. For example, professionals clean and wipe down all of the small appliances on the counter. They’ll open up the oven and clean out its interior too. Cleaners even remove every food item from the refrigerator and wipe out the interior. A deluxe kitchen cleaning isn’t necessary at each appointment, so this additional service is often requested once or twice a year. House cleaners simply work with the residents to devise a simple schedule to keep all of the kitchen items as clean as possible.

The Floors

The home’s floors take the brunt of the family’s activities with dust, debris and possible scuff marks negatively affecting the surface. House cleaners must vacuum, sweep and mop every floor at each appointment to keep the home looking spectacular. Ideally, house cleaners complete their cleaning work in all of the rooms, and they leave the floors as the last detail to complete. They’ll carefully clean any floor surface, from basic carpeting to expensive hardwood, so that the home sparkles when visitors walk in the door.

Bedroom Details

Aside from dusting and vacuuming, the bedrooms might also require more detailed care as requested by the residents. A master bedroom could need clean linens on the bed or a picture hung on the wall. The nursery might require clean sheets for the baby’s crib and diaper bin cleaning too. All of these bedroom details must be requested in the cleaning contract between the residents and cleaners, so that both parties understand what needs to be completed at each appointment.

Laundry Services

House cleaners can also concentrate on the laundry room and its cleanliness factor. Cleaners will wipe down the washer and dryer, and they can remove lint from the mesh guards within both appliances. In some cases, residents might require the cleaner to run a laundry load or two while they’re servicing the property. Cleaners can perform some laundry duties, such as washing rugs and other items, as an additional fee to their normal workload.

Furniture Care

The entire Las Vegas household may lounge on the couch or comfortable chairs at the end of the day, but this furniture collects dust and must be serviced accordingly. House cleaners also vacuum furniture and even inspect under cushions to ensure that all of the fabric areas are free from dust or stains. In fact, furniture can last longer if it’s cleaned and repaired on a consistent basis.

In most cases, Las Vegas residents can request other services for their home when they ask for an initial cleaning estimate. Although the cleaning service may not cover that particular request, they can consider it and try to work out an agreeable plan with the residents for a strong business relationship. House cleaners want to have long-term partnerships with their clients to service them with the best care in the business.

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