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Spring is an Excellent Time to Clean a Las Vegas Home

Spring is a great time to clean your home because it is easy to open windows to enjoy warm breezes during the process. In addition, local stores traditionally offer low prices on an assortment of cleaning supplies. Before going on a shopping trip to buy your detergents, sanitizers and cleaning cloths, make a list of what you plan to clean in order to select the proper products. Some of the items that you can buy will include:

• Ammonia for washing walls and windows
• Wood polish for kitchen cabinets and furniture
• Bleach for whitening bathroom fixtures and sanitizing countertops
• Floor cleaners
• Dry or wet carpet shampoo cleansers
• Upholstery shampoos
• Window cleaner
• Paper towels
• Soft cloths
• Plastic gloves
• Buckets
• Mops
• Brooms
• Spray bottles
• Sturdy ladder
• Rental carpet shampoo machine
• Laundry detergent for washing curtains, small rugs and draperies

It is important while using these cleaning products to avoid mixing the items together in a bucket or spray bottle because dangerous chemical reactions can occur.

Clean Everything in One Day or Spread the Tasks Out Over Several Weeks

If your schedule permits it, then you can clean an entire home in one day or spread the tasks out over several weeks. You might want to wash an entire home’s walls in just one day or clean all of the various surfaces in a room in one day. Experts suggest beginning your housecleaning at the top of a room and working your way downward because household dust tends to drift toward the floor. You might enjoy working alone while cleaning a home or prefer having help from someone else. Other family members should help with cleaning a home, and your children might want to organize and clean their own bedrooms.

Wash Walls to Remove a Buildup of Debris

When your home is big enough to remove everything from a room, it is a good way to complete housecleaning quickly, but you can also move furniture to the other side of a room. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes while cleaning house, and prepare by having a lot of drinking water available. Carry as many cleansers as possible in a container with a handle, and make sure that children or family pets do not have access to the chemicals. Wash drywall with a solution of warm water combined with a small amount of ammonia to remove debris such as cooking grease. Use a soft white cloth to scrub walls, ceilings and baseboards.

Shampoo Upholstered Furniture and Wash Windows

You can wash windows on the same day as sanitizing walls, but use a specialized window cleanser that is in a spray bottle. Before washing the interior surfaces of windows, remove draperies, curtains or blinds to wash or dust the items. Don’t forget to scrub the window frames and windowsills to remove layers of debris. In living rooms, you will want to dust and polish wood furniture. For upholstered furniture, use a vacuum cleaner attachment to suction loose debris from the cushions and bases. After removing the food particles from couches and chairs, spray the upholstery with specialty shampoo before vacuuming the items again.

Sanitize Kitchens and Bathrooms before Shampooing Carpets

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most difficult places to clean because you need to remove items from cabinets to wash the interior surfaces. A bleach and water solution is perfect for this chore because it helps to eliminate pathogens that cause illness. In addition to cleaning countertops, sanitize the interior and exterior surfaces of appliances in the kitchen and plumbing fixtures in a bathroom. Mix the appropriate cleansers for mopping floors with a sponge mop. Fill a carpet shampooer machine with specialized detergent to remove stains and embedded debris from a home’s wall-to-wall carpets. While completing these chores, you can wash small rugs, curtains or draperies in order to place the items back into place.

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