Lake Las Vegas Home Cleaning

Keeping Your Lake Las Vegas Abode Spot-Free

A full-on house cleaning comes or should come at least once a month. While it’s not something you look forward to doing, it can become a fast and simple process if done right. Even better, families can use it as a time to bond with each other amidst their busy work or school schedules. Without further ado, here are five tips to efficiently cleaning your home.

Remove Everything That’s in the Way

This includes unneeded or broken items, such as furniture, appliances, electronics, extension cords, accessories, etc. It may also include children and pets who won’t be contributing to your cleanup operation and will likely be in the way of the vacuum or mop. If possible, take them to your relative’s house for the day. It may sound harsh, but if you’re going after efficiency, eliminating everything that’s in the way is paramount to achieving your goal.

Start From the Dirtiest Corner

It can be confusing to pick a spot where to start cleaning. Should you go for the uppermost area of the house, which brings you to the cobwebs of the attic ceiling? Perhaps the suffocating, pest-infested spaces of the basement? Try to determine which areas are the dirtiest and start from there. The kitchen and bathroom are usually the dirtiest places in a house, simply because of the fact that it’s used most often.

Observe and Practice Proper Cleaning Techniques

As much as you’d like to just mop, sweep, and spray cleaning products all over the place, a spot-free home requires the right cleaning techniques. For instance, when sweeping, clean tabletops first so the dust and debris falls into the floor and gets picked up last. To remove that elusive line of dust, use a dustpan with a rubber end. Proper cleaning tools and techniques play a key role in removing as much foreign contaminants as you can.

Have an Exit Plan

The aftermath of an extensive house cleaning consists of multiple trash bags, broken items, and wet, dirty towels you used for cleaning surfaces. Segregate the waste into recyclable, reusable, and landfill. The dirty towels should be cleaned via your washer and dryer combo, and any mops or sweepers used should be cleaned with the garden hose. Post-cleanup is equally important as the cleanup itself so be sure to plan ahead.

These five tips should help you create a systematic approach to regular household cleanup. While exhausting, cleaning your humble abode regularly prevents diseases from spreading across your family. A clean environment also fosters increased productivity by decluttering the place of non-essentials.

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